Sailendra Kharel, (b. 1982) a freelance photographer specialized in editorial and documentary working on long-term personal projects. He worked as staff photojournalist for The Kathmandu Post, Nepal’s leading newspaper for seven years. In 2012, he completed his “Post Graduate Diploma in Photojournalism” under full scholarship program at ACFJ, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines supported by World Press Photo. His work has been widely published and exhibited in Nepal and internationally in prestigious festival of photography like Chobi-Mela, Dhaka 2009 and 2011, Angkor Photo Festival, Cambodia 2008 and 2011, 2012, Delhi Photo Festival, India, 2011. Kharel has received several local awards for his work.


Mobile: +977-98510-00178

  1. Marcos ( Brasil ) said:

    Olá Sailendra!
    Parabéns por você ter este blog e assim,continuar a informar o seu povo sobre os protestos contra o rei do seu pais.Sobre as dificuldades enfrentadas pela midia Nepalesa,lembra muito com os anos dificeis que o Brasil enfrentou com a ditadura militar.
    Com certeza,o seu povo lembrou ao mundo que,quem manda nos politicos e que fazem a nossa terra caminhar no poder da liberdade de escolha,opinião e trabalho somos nós,o povo…
    Nós é que pagamos os impostos e damos casa,comida e todo tipo de mordomia que eles desfrutam.
    Como você mesmo disse na entrevista divulgada aqui no Brasil,tomara que o os seus parlamentares, fassam valer aquilo que eles recuperaram das mão do opressor e que tudo foi por união do seu próprio povo.
    Abraços e muitas felicidades para a nova era que o seu pais esta para entrar,do seu amigo Brasileiro.

    Ps:Infelizmente eu não sei escrever na sua língua e muito menos o inglês,mas sei que você vai procurar traduzir está mensagem.

    Translated from Protugese to English

    Olá Sailendra! Congratulations for you to have this thus blog and, to continue to inform its people on the protests against the king of its parents. On the difficulties faced for the midia Nepalesa, it remembers very with the dificeis years that Brazil faced with the military dictatorship. With certainty, its people remembered to the world that, who orders in the politicos and that they make our land to walk in the power of the choice freedom, opinion and work we are, the people… We here is that we pay the taxes and we give house, food and all type of stewardship that they enjoy.

    As you yourselves he said in the interview divulged here in Brazil, takes that its parliamentarians, fassam to be valid what they had recouped of the hand of the oppressor and that everything was for union of its proper people. Abraços and many happinesses for the new were that its parents this to enter, of its Brazilian friend.

    Ps: Unhappyly I do not know to much less write in its language the English, but I know that you go to look for to translate you are message.

  2. Abraao Aflalo Marques said:

    Que bom! ainda bem que exista jornalista como você, onde a verdade tem que ser repassada sem truques apesar das dificuldades enfrentadas conseguiste informar.Todo poder emana do povo e por ele será exercido.Parabéns ao Povo de seu Pais por conseguir o restabelecimento da verdade, isto é da Democracia.Espero que você seja convidado para visitar o nosso Pais e assim ensinar alguns pilantras transvestidos de “jornalistas” a como fazer jornalismo de verdade, comprometido somente com a verdade.

    Translated from Protugese to English..

    2. Abraao Aflalo Marques – April 28, 2006 How good! still well that journalist exists as you, where the truth has that to be repassed without tricks although the faced difficulties you obtained to inform. All power emanates of the people and by it it will be exerted.

    Congratulations to the People of its Parents for obtaining the reestablishment of the truth, that is of the Democracia.Espero that you is invited to visit our Parents and thus to teach to some pilantras transvestidos of “journalists” as to make truth journalism, engaged only with the truth.

  3. sharad said:

    Good Job Sailendra,

    I am proud to see people like you who devote themselves to make a difference. I am studying photography in the US now and I hope i will join you guys one day.



  4. weldone friend.
    u catch something extra in every shots.

  5. Nice and real scene beyond my imagination. Please keep it continue .Waiting your new photos.

  6. bipn raj Tiwari said:

    dai u r so good at shoting the real photos. i just love photographjy and nowdays i have been learning it myself through books and net and frens. so if u could help me in anything i would be grateful to u. by n have a nice time sir. bye

  7. George C. McLemore said:

    I will be returning to Nepal this coming May as a
    Fulbright Scholar at Pokhara University. I am interested in meeting fellow documentary photographers.

    As a retired professor of Communication, Photography
    and Photojournalism, I would like make contact with
    colleagues from whom I might acquire guidance on
    documentary photo work in Nepal. Any suggestions
    you might provide to me before I arrive there in
    May would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and Regards, GCM

    George C. McLemore, Ph.D.
    University of Texas-Pan American (retired)
    Department of Communication

  8. Hui-Li said:

    ArtVenture is launching the inaugural ArtVenture Freedom to Create Prize, which seeks to celebrate artists who have used the arts as a medium to promote and protect human rights. The prize carries a total value of US$ 100,000 and is comprised of three different categories. The prize is designed so that a portion of the prize monies from each category will be given to advocacy groups to further causes highlighted by the winning artists/entries.

    If there are any outstanding artists or groups you would like to nominate, please visit the official site at for registration and entry details.

  9. The Photography Development Fund (Russia, Yekaterinburg) and The Museum of Photography Metenkov House invite professional photographers and amateur to take part in the International Photography Contest “Europe and Asia – Dialogue of Cultures”.

    The Grand Prix of the contest is 3.000 $.

    The statement of the contest you can see in

  10. I see you as an inspiration for all budding photographers in Nepal.We are proud to have someone like you among us!

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